Central Management

Standardizing the common aspects of security operations such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management and configuration within a single intuitive platform helps organizations become more productive, while minimizing operational costs. This is why PTS’s primary unified security platform is Genetec’s Security Center.

Here are a few key platform benefits:

simple-and-easy-to-use highly-cost-efficient map-based-multi-system

Simple and Easy-to-Use

Security Center provides the industry’s most intuitive user interface offering city operators one-click access to tools that help them complete tasks faster and more efficient than ever before.

Highly Cost Efficient

Security Center helps cities reduce total cost of ownership by minimizing the number of installed client workstations, and maximizing existing infrastructure and hardware investments.

Map-Based Multi-System Management

Security Center makes it easy to monitor thousands of cameras and systems from a centralized location. Manage alarms and find doors and cameras on map-based layouts of your city and facilities.

extreme-reliability simplified-system-maintenance

Reliable and Secure

With password protected logins, encrypted client-server communications, and advanced failover functionality, Security Center keeps your systems working at peak efficiency.

Facilitated Maintenance and Upgrades

In-service upgrades, software and hardware backward compatibility, and advanced health monitoring features all contribute to improved and stress-free system up-keep.

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