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FST Biometrics has developed In Motion Identification (IMID) technology that can help bring you ultimate security at the pace of your life. In this fast-paced world of nearly unlimited access, providing a secure access solution for facilities, places and information is vital. Yet, many secure access solutions are cumbersome, requiring fingerprints, iris scans, or carrying a card or token.

FST’s unique identification technology offers a seamless access experience. Our IMID Access software with In Motion Identification technology quickly and accurately identifies users at a distance and in motion.

Using a unique fusion of biometric identification technologies, including facial, voice and body behavioral analytics, FST’s IMID Access software identifies users quickly and accurately, eliminating the need to slow down, swipe a card or present ID.


FST’s IMID Digital Doorman is an all-in-one secure access solution that provides both the hardware and software needed for one access point’s secure access needs. For users, IMID Digital Doorman provides a seamless experience. As an all-in-one secure access solution, IMID Digital Doorman is ideal in many settings, and ensures that only authorized users are granted access. There is no need to slow down, sign in or feel encumbered by key cards or codes. Using our IMID Access software with In Motion Identification™ technology, IMID Digital Doorman identifies authorized users quickly, accurately, and while in motion, providing a seamless secure access experience.

Swift and efficient, walk through solution.

Registered users experience seamless access as they are identified at a distance and in motion. Users simply look at the camera, and authorized individuals are granted access, while those unauthorized are barred entrance.

FST’s IMID Access software is an open system that uses standard hardware and is easily integrated with many other existing access control systems and infrastructures in a variety of physical locations.

  • IMID Access software with In Motion Identification™ – Uses a unique fusion of biometric identification technology, authorized users are identified at a distance and in motion.
  • “Open-Campus” Feel – Ensure that employees at multi-national corporations are given the same seamless secure access experience at any company facility around the world.
  • Visitor Management System – Enables visitors to enjoy an employee-like secure access experience, while keeping a log of all activity.
Omnicast Video Management System
Synergis Access Control System
AutoVu Automatic License Plate Recognition System

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