Panasonic Audio Visual Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

From basic installations with one location and a limited number of displays, to multi-screen, multi-location deployments, PTS offers fully scalable, end-to-end packages that are tailored for your business. Flexible configurations meet the needs of a variety of business models, capital and operational expense considerations and IT sensitivity concerns.

Features include:

  • Installation flexibility (portrait or landscape)
  • Exceptional durability (continuous 24/7 operation)
  • Crisp, sharp visibility regardless of where the display is installed
  • Customized, cost-effective options to fit any budget
  • Choice of local or remote hosting of content management

Panasonic Digital Signage products feature unsurpassed image quality, industry-leading performance and reliability that is second to none. From dynamic, large-format professional displays to eye-popping video walls with massing, crystal-clear images, Panasonic Digital Signage grabs attention and never lets go.  Contact PTS to discuss options.

Interactive Signage Solutions

digital-signage-app-1Transform your customers’ experiences, improve operational efficiency and create new revenue opportunities. PTS supports large interactive digital signage deployments, while addressing the challenges of content development and management. Enabling a self-service exchange of information and transactions with the public, our Interactive Signage Solutions can be used for a wide variety of applications in just about any industry, such as retail, transportation and financial venues.

Features include:

  • Intuitive touch screen navigation for access to highly interactive, relevant and personalized content
  • Flexible configurations and layouts, incorporating web content and dynamic video on the same screen
  • Remote, cloud-based ability to update, expand and control content management on thousands of devices
  • Real-time updates of content, templates and applications based on business workflow (schedules, events, triggers, etc.)
  • Wide selection of kiosks to fit any application, any sized venue

Large LED Systems

Selecting a large-scale LED video display solution can be a daunting challenge. Referrals and recommendations are initially valuable, but the quality, capability, performance and cost of the LED product, as well as the company behind the installation, services, and support, are the leading factors in the final decision. PTS understands the complexity of choosing the right LED board, and will work closely with all partners and sub-contractors to ensure that the LED solution successfully addresses four key factors.

The Right Design: Size, Viewing Angles, and Content

  • Ideal display for optimizing viewer experience and return on investment, through the right viewing angle, size, architecture and design, and content approach.

The Right LED Components: Diode Technology, Assembly, and Resolution

  • High-quality LED display technology and quality control throughout the manufacturing process from the top global manufacturers offering a wide range of pixel pitches to meet any potential application.

The Right Durability: Structure and IP Ratings

  • Structurally sound and resilient displays that offer the appropriate protection against dust, debris, accidental contact, and liquid in all enclosures.

The Right Calibration: Brightness and Contrast

  • Precise manufacturing tolerances for the LED display hardware that best integrates with the overall solution, combined with expert adjustment to achieve optimal brightness and contrast for exceptional image quality, color reproduction, and uniformity throughout all panels.

Panasonic supplied a uniquely comprehensive LED solution for STAPLES Center & L.A. Live, one of the most high profile sports and entertainment complexes in the world.
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